GovtPortal Clerk / Director / Admin Documentation

The admin portal helps the Clerk / Director / Admin to manage the application. There are setting and parameters for all aspects of payment (standalone, integrated) and other features (document submission, lobby, docket management.

Portal Settings

Settings page:


List of Template forms

Template forms are the document forms that citizens fill.

Let’s create a document

  • Click on Add New Template Form
  • Create New Template Form Page
    Fill the form Name
    Select the partner
  • Fill the form
    Fields Type are: text, Select, Multi check, Radio, Money, Date, Title, heading
    Field Label:  the name of the field and at the same time the label.

It is important to note that field types like Select, Multi check and Radio will have multiple choice option

You will have to input the Optional Values in the field as shown below and separate the values by a comma.