Govt Portal dedication to government agencies fuels our presence in the private sector with a sharp focus on specific verticals. In fact, we work with well over 1,000 cities and counties throughout the United States and we have established relationships with other third-party software providers to enhance payment solutions for our clients in nonprofit organizations, education institutions, healthcare, daycare, and real estate services.

Govt Portal’s Integrated Payments Program provides complete technical services and resources to build simple, secure, and scalable payment solutions into your management software, POS applications with readily available API and innovative BaaS. We provide pre and post-integration support, sample coding, documentation, high industry expertise, and a peer network that understands the daily challenges.

Unlike other payment processors that only provide limited support, Govt Portal offers direct, personalized guidance throughout the integration process and ongoing support for the life cycle of the partnership. By engaging with Govt Portal, you receive customized integration implementation methods based on your desired parameters. With unmatched personalized, custom support, Govt Portal makes integrating payments faster and easier.

Whether you are the provider of the management software or you are directly servicing your customer in our verticals we work with you to provide the perfect payment solution that enhances your overall payment processing experience.

We have identified specific market verticals where our Portal makes a big difference in solving industry-specific challenges:

Nonprofit Organizations