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Govt Portal delivers all-in-one, technology-driven integrated payment solutions for all government agencies across cities, states, and private sectors. We enable our partners and customers to accept every payment type by connecting their existing software to our innovative API and mature Backend as a Service (BaaS). 

About Govt Portal

Govt Portal is a payment technology provider. A fully automated payment management ecosystem for government agencies, private entities across multiple verticals, independent developers, and general ecommerce service providers offering its customers the ability to take payments via EMV enabled devices, online and offline personalized payment portals, Kiosks, IVR, ACH and more.

With Govt Portal, you can partner with an experienced payment technology provider with fully integrated solutions, driven by our ever-growing API and our innovative Backend as a Service (BaaS). Govt Portal does the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business. There are no hidden fees, just straight deals. Know more


Integrated Payment Portal

Our customizable payment portal allows merchants to accept payments face to face...


Health and safety is a top priority of our government merchants, and as such we have...


EMV payment solutions enable you to process chip cards for greater security and...

Lobby Q

Lobby Q was created during the pandemic to provide government agencies with a safer...


With Instabill you can enhance the overall efficiency of your collections...

Voice Portal

Our voice portal option ensures cardholders without internet access can make...

Who We Serve

City and County Government Departments

Clerk's Office

Streamlined payment solutions for vital records, permits, and public records access, ensuring quick and easy transactions for residents.


Finance Department

Secure and efficient payment processing for tax collections, utility bills, and other municipal fees, enhancing financial management and transparency.


Public Works

Integrated payment options for service requests, project fees, and permits, facilitating better project management and public service delivery.


Parks and Recreation

Convenient payment systems for park reservations, program registrations, and facility rentals, promoting community engagement and participation.


Building and Planning

Simplified payment solutions for building permits, inspections, and zoning applications, aiding in efficient urban development and compliance.


Public Safety

Hassle-free payment processing for fines, fees, and permits related to public safety services, ensuring timely compliance and safety measures.


Health and Human Services

Easy payment systems for health services, licensing, and program fees, improving access to essential services and community well-being.



Efficient payment options for public transit fares, parking fees, and transportation permits, enhancing mobility and traffic management.


Library Services

User-friendly payment methods for fines, membership fees, and event registrations, supporting educational and cultural activities.


Water and Sewer Services

Reliable payment solutions for water usage, sewer services, and related fees, ensuring continuous access to essential utilities.


Human Resources

Secure and efficient payment systems for employee benefits, training fees, and payroll services, ensuring smooth HR operations.


Environmental Services

Streamlined payment solutions for waste management fees, recycling programs, and environmental permits, promoting sustainability.


Economic Development

Convenient payment options for business licenses, grants, and development fees, fostering local economic growth.


Emergency Management

Efficient payment systems for disaster relief funds, emergency services, and preparedness programs, enhancing community resilience.


Legal Department

Simplified payment solutions for legal fees, court fines, and public legal services, ensuring timely and effective legal processes.


Community Development

Integrated payment options for housing programs, community grants, and urban development projects, supporting community initiatives.


Information Technology

Secure and robust payment systems for IT services, software licensing, and tech support fees, enhancing digital infrastructure.



Reliable payment solutions for electricity, gas, and other utility services, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential resources.


Animal Services

User-friendly payment methods for pet licenses, adoption fees, and animal control services, promoting responsible pet ownership.


Housing Authority

Convenient payment systems for rent, housing assistance programs, and maintenance fees, ensuring affordable housing access.


Cultural Affairs

Easy payment options for cultural events, museum tickets, and art program fees, enriching community cultural experiences.


Tourism Department

Streamlined payment solutions for tourism-related services, visitor passes, and event registrations, boosting local tourism.


Public Relations

Efficient payment systems for PR campaigns, media services, and public outreach programs, enhancing government communication.

Whether you are a government employee, a software service provider, a business owner, a finance executive, or a practitioner looking to streamline your payment processing, connect with us…


Town of Concord, MA Parks and Recreation

Aransas County, TX Collections

Mobile County, AL License Commission

Saline Area Senior Center, MI

Saline Area Senior Center, MI

City of Newman
Kids R Kids Learning Academy

Jersey City, NJ Parks Recreation

Holland Aquatic Center, MI

Hancock County Tax Commissioner

Framingham, MA Public Schools

Pioneer Ridge Homeowners Association, OH

City of Wrens, GA

Talbot County, GA

City of Daphne, AL Municipal Court

Atkinson County, GA Probate Court


"We have only had positive experiences with Govt Portal. The website is easy to use and the kiosk has helped tremendously with court dockets. Our actual time spent in the courtroom has been cut drastically due to defendants using the kiosk for check in. Thanks for always responding so quickly when we need help!"
Leah Fort
Court Administrator, Daphne Municipal Court
Daphne, AL
“The Sandwich Recreation Department has been working with Govt Portal over many years in conjunction with numerous web-based recreation software companies. Due to their outstanding track record of offering responsive customer service and a reliable secure platform we have chosen to continue to work with Govt Portal for our credit card payment processing through each of our department’s transitions in software management systems. As a municipal recreation department, we recognize the importance of transparent financial reporting, and the need for responsive customer service. We realize the necessity of offering convenient online registrations and more importantly a secure and reliable payment processing options to the households we serve in our community. Govt Portal continues to provide our customers a safe, secure and professionally managed gateway to process their credit card payments. Govt Portal’s ability to prepare, prevent and respond to any security incidents is reassuring to both our department and our customers. The Govt Portal team has been assiduous with all our monthly financial reporting, and diligent in their prompt, professional responses to any of our questions or concerns. We would highly recommend the Govt Portal team to other municipalities and look forward to working with them for years to come.”
Tricia MacDonald
Assistant Recreation Director, Town of Sandwich
Sandwich, MA