Committed to always providing the best technology, Govt Portal offers one of the simplest, easy to use, yet robust platforms in the industry. As a leader in fintech development, we offer a one-of-a-kind Backend as a Service (BaaS), strictly developed to allow our partners to seamlessly connect to our platform. Our platform boosts various features like push notifications, reminders, customized reporting, and data renderings for developers to be able to add back-end functions to their software solution without extensive coding.

With our integration API coupled with our innovative BaaS, we allow both our partners and customers to gain access to various payment solutions without deploying a single line of code. Govt Portal technology covers the following payment options and features:


Our customizable payment portal allows merchants to accept payments face to face or online with features such as enhanced reporting, recurring billing, QR code access, bill reminder notifications and chip enabled payments. User controls can be tailored to ensure your team members have access to only their necessary departments and reports, reducing user error. Our portal can be customized to accept or to be used in various useful ways including among others:

– Face to Face Payments

  • Accept payments at any counter, desk, or kiosk when a resident or a customer comes in
  • EMV enabled chip card acceptance for secure, card present transactions

– Online/Web Payments

  • Ability to accept payments for various departments via government websites
  • Residents can access their bill with their citation or account number and easily make a payment
  • Set up completed within 3-6 business days

– EMV enabled devices
– MagStripe


With health and safety being the top priority of our customers and merchants, we have developed easy to use, self-service kiosks as a minimal contact payment method. Our kiosks allow any government department and private users to help manage the customer experience by providing a self-service method for effective payment interactions.

Through this touchscreen, small footprint solution, any customer can come in and process their own payment for any department assigned to the kiosk as well as check-in for renewals, court dockets, and registrations with our integrated or standalone Lobby Q feature.
Some other benefits of having a self-service kiosk include:

  • Safer resident and employee interaction
  • Decrease in end of the month counter and lobby decongestion
  • Increase in daily payments and cash flow
  • Decrease in customer waiting time equaling an increase in customers serviced 


Lobby Q was created to provide our partners, customers, and government agencies with a safer and more efficient way to manage their lobby and accept payments. Our Lobby Q management system is a staff efficient and hands-off manner of managing that provides an interactive waiting list paired with SMS messaging that works to reduce in-office traffic and allows your clerks to attend to each customer.

LOBBY Q features includes:

  • Detailed waiting list reporting for clerks
  • Customizable, contactless clerks and customer interface
  • SMS messages to inform and communicate with customers
  • Lawyer and defendant check-in at courts
  • Monitoring and planning of your waiting time or situation


Our automated voice portal option ensures that cardholders without internet access can make their payments with ease.

  • IVR payment system allows automated phone payments that can be used during and after business hours, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Phone payments auto-post to your preferred management software
  • Discontinuation of residents sharing sensitive card data over the phone
  • Reduction in call handling time and increase in bill collection


With our Instabill option that is integrated into your management software, you can enhance the overall efficiency of your collections, and eliminate the burden of handling sensitive card data over the phone. You can generate a link or QR Code that can be sent via email or text message that allows the customer or the resident to pay the bill in real time online and offline. Whether it’s a partial payment or a full payment, the transaction will auto-post to the customer’s account and the balance will be updated inside of your management software.


EMV payment solutions enable you to process chip cards for greater security and compliance with card brand regulations. This kind of chip technology adds layers of security against fraud and is virtually impossible to duplicate.

How EMV Benefits Government Agencies and Our Partners

  • Fraud Reduction – State of the art EMV technology makes it difficult to steal credit card data
  • Resident Protection – Give your residents confidence by providing a safe and secure platform for them to make payments
  • Eliminate and Avoid Liability Costs – Investing in EMV technology will save you money in the long run without your hard-earned dollars being collateral