GovtPortal Clerk / Director / Admin Documentation

The admin portal helps the Clerk / Director / Admin to manage the application. There are setting and parameters for all aspects of payment (standalone, integrated) and other features (document submission, lobby, docket management.

Portal Settings

Settings page:


This tab lists all the portals available on the site. You click on edit to edit each portal

Let’s edit a specific portal, let’s say Standalone Portal

This section has:

- General Settings

- Receipt settings

- Portal Function settings

This is where you enable or disable instabill. Set Fixed Payment, Allow Recurring schedule on the portal.

  • Fixed Payment: when this is active, the citizens pay a flat rate per transaction
  • Allow Recurring: the clerk will be able to save recurring payment for customers who request for that feature

- Lobby Settings

Enable and disable Lobby, lobby form here.

Call Attendant SMS Notification: this sends an automatic message to the citizen when he/she checks in

- Application/Documents function settings

Allow and Disallow document submission on a specific portal.

Allow Document on Kiosk Mode: citizens will be able to fill a document and eSwears on the kiosk Device

Select Template assigns the form template to the portal, we will cover how to create Form Templates under documents tab.

- Payment setting

- Kiosk Mode settings