Whether you provide Education Services directly to students or you provide software solutions to manage services in the education sector, we can integrate our payment platform to enhance your clients’ and students’ experience. Govt Portal has eliminated timely tasks for clients through our integrations and enabled many schools and universities in various departments to accept payments online and offline in a fully automated fashion.

The Govt Portal Integrated Payments Program provides complete technical services and resources to build simple, secure, and scalable payment solutions into your management software, POS applications with readily available API and innovative BaaS. We provide pre and post-integration support, sample code, documentation, high industry expertise, and a peer network that understands the challenges you face daily.

Unlike other payment processors that only provide limited support, Govt Portal offers direct, personalized guidance throughout the integration process and ongoing support for the life cycle of the relationship. By engaging with Govt Portal, you get customized integration implementation methods based on your desired parameters. With unmatched personalized, custom support, Govt Portal makes integrating payments faster and easier.

Govt Portal smooths out the revenue cycle and allows money to flow freely between payers, students, and institutions with a single, centralized, end-to-end platform as a standalone solution or directly integrated to any practice management software. Either we partner with you, the software provider to tightly integrate and allow you to generate more revenue, or we set up the provider with our stand alone EMV enabled devices we can assure easy and robust payment management. 

Benefits for Software Providers

We make a frictionless revenue experience possible, with the most comprehensive, API ready, with innovative BaaS solution for connecting and empowering the higher education finance ecosystem. We understand reporting is important and we have designed some tools to build custom reports allowing you the provider to efficiently manage receivables in real-time.

Benefits for educators and institutions