Childcare owners devote ample energy and time to building their centers and ensuring the mental and physical well-being of children. However, just like any business, running a childcare poses a bunch of unique challenges. From being buried in paperwork to struggling with financing, there’s no dearth of issues that teachers and owners must overcome.

Because of administrative expenses that cannot be attributed to the direct cost of providing a service, childcare services have low profits. If childcare facilities are not tracking their expenses accurately, it is difficult to identify which expenses need to be lowered to increase the margins of profit. Therefore, it is critical to have a payment process that is efficient and ensures dependable cash flow.

As an electronic payment provider dedicated to providing robust payment solutions to the daycare industry, Govt Portal has been at the leading edge of this trend and continues to service the daycare industry.

In fact, we work with well over 1,000 customers including government agencies and private sector verticals throughout the United States. We have established relationships with third-party software providers to facilitate payment efficiency for the daycare industry.

With our payments processing services and software integration, you can send automatic invoices, collect online payments, and generate payment receipts and billing reports. 

Through our innovative API and Backend as a Service (BaaS), we have a solution that focuses on the daycare industry. One of our strengths is our ability to integrate with various preschool app software solutions while at the same time making payment a flawless part of daycare operations.

Our Daycare payment strategy reflects an understanding and awareness of market leaders and the demands for integration. Our omni-channel platform approach boosts mobile apps, kiosks, IVR, and self-service web portals for owners and parents’ engagement across the payment ecosystem.

Whether you provide software to the Daycare Industry, you are looking to add a payment ecosystem to your solutions, or you are a facility owner looking for payment solutions online or offline, we can integrate our payment solutions to enhance your students’ and staff’s experience.

Benefits for Software Providers

The Govt Portal Integrated Payments Program provides complete technical services and resources to build simple, secure, and scalable payment solutions into your management software, POS applications with readily available API, and innovative BaaS. We provide pre and post-integration support, sample code, documentation, high industry expertise, and a peer network that understands the challenges you face daily.

Benefits For Daycare Services

We make a frictionless revenue experience possible, with the most comprehensive, API ready and innovative BaaS solution for connecting and empowering landlords and tenants in the payment ecosystem. We understand reporting is important and we have designed innovative tools to build custom reports allowing you the provider to efficiently manage receivables in real time.